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Sarah is amazing to shoot with. She was so professional and warm, she made us feel totally comfortable throughout the session. Prior to our session, Sarah made sure that we were prepared and sent us a detailed email regarding what we should wear and about the location itself. Our photos turned out beautiful and we are delighted to have these memories, all made possible by Sarah!

— Rebecca, Lifestyle Session

_Q6A82782020 ALex & Rebecca.jpg

It's the first time we had a photographer take photos of our family, and I am so happy we did.

Sarah is a ninja memories catcher! She was extremely discreet and documented our lazy Sunday afternoon, just as it felt.

These memories are so sweet, and it's priceless to have beautifully made photos of this time of our life.

And I have to say that as the main memory maker of the house, it's also really nice to be in the frame with my family for once! :)

Forever grateful to Sarah for these moments caught in the light. These are for sure memories that we'll keep close forever... 

— Noemie, Documentary Session

It’s not about taking pictures, it’s about capturing your family!  The sole reason I agreed to pose with my family was to make my wife happy, but I got SO.MUCH.MORE!  Sarah makes the process fun and easy and she was even able to get my 9 year old to smile - not an easy task!  However, the best part of the whole process was looking back through the amazing pictures and truly watching us all play together.  The kids will be grown and gone soon, so capturing this beautiful and brief moment is a gift that will never be topped.  Thank you so much Sarah!


— Chris, Lifestyle Session

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Our family was lucky to have Sarah lead us through a documentary session. Sarah is your dream come true when it comes to capturing who your family is. While keeping an eye out for those perfect moments, Sarah manages to discreetly move around and let you forget she’s even here. She has that rare capacity to put all at ease, making sure everyone acts as they would on a regular day. This makes it possible to capture the beauty of our family life - whether a spark of complicity between siblings or that perfect split second of water game in the shower - Sarah got them all beautifully and we couldn’t be more grateful for the memories of love and laughs.

— Perrine, Documentary Session

Just like a lot of dads, I often feel a bit uneasy to get my picture taken, but I have to admit I had a lot fun spending time with Sarah, she was able to make us feel supper comfortable during the photo session. Most of the time it felt Sarah was not even present in the moment but rather an accessory to it. I just had fun with my family and she captured some great moments between us. And the pictures are absolutely beautiful, not posed at all, and wonderful lighting. Very happy!

— Bertrand, Lifestyle Session


_Q6A76552020 Genoit-Hoff R S2020 Genoit-
Filin Family_Q6A7046.jpg

My husband and I have shot with Sarah twice now and we are absolutely thrilled with the results of her work! She is so kind, friendly and patient, she makes the kids feel super comfortable, which results in some incredible shots I could never even hope to get on my own. She captures such special moments with very intimate feeling. Our family gets endless compliments on our photos, they're just stunning. We cannot recommend her enough!!

— Shiloh, Lifestyle Session

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